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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pit bulls, cats and raccoons . . . and a dove

As I've been writing about, I've been having a lot of dreams where Dog has visited. A few nights ago I had a dream: one of my recurring dreamscapes, where my guide -- the white haired woman -- appeared. This time, she was wearing blue hooded cloak. There was a little white dog running around, and she gave the dog to my husband, telling him she had a job for him. That she would pay him to take care of the dog. She seemed to believe that it was a done deal, and that of course he was going to take care of the dog, whether or not he'd be paid for it.

Sunday night, at approximately 8:50, we heard the most awful banging and thumping against our front door -- we opened it to find a pit bull attacking our cat, who was on the shelf on the porch where we keep our wood. It all happened so fast; the dog and cat screeching, in a ball, then our cat takes off. He went a good twenty feet up into the large apple tree. Here we are, trying to get him down, but of course he wouldn't come down. My husband tried to get him, but no use. Poor cat stayed out there all night and Jim was able to get him down the next day.

We thought Mango was going to be all right; we didn't see any external injuries and the cat seemed okay. But then he started to breath funny and wasn't moving much and was obviously not only depressed and freaked but in pain. We took him to the vets where he is now; x-rays, oxygen, overnight, etc.

This morning, walking the block and half from my car to work, I hear a dog bark. I look over and there in an unfenced yard, is a large pit bull. It isn't growling but barking at me, looking right at me, and taking a step or two towards me. I found that I was literally frozen, I couldn't move. I didn't know if I should go back to the car or keep walking towards my building. I was shaking and then I saw the owner; who was just standing there. I said "Is that your dog?" and he grumped "Yes," and reluctantly took the dog into the house. Then I saw another pit bull, also unleashed, who was standing there, looking at me. I looked at the man with a "Really? You're going to leave that dog out here while you're int he house?" look, and he took that dog in as well. When I glanced back as I walked towards my building, he gave me a dirty look.

I have walked past the house many times -- every morning just about since September -- and have never heard or seen dogs in that yard. This morning was the first time I had come across those dogs.

Just as I was nearing my building, I saw what I thought was a dog at first, then a cat (because it was small and moving oddly) then saw that it was a raccoon. The raccoon was walking slowly and then it stopped, looked right at me, and didn't move. I stood watching it -- there was something strange about the whole thing -- then it turned around and climbed up a tree.

By the time I got into my building I was almost crying. The interactions with those two pit bulls really got me.

One more pit bull synchronicity: a pit bull rescue and rehabilitation place has opened literally around the corner from our house, not even a block away. Coincidentally, I know the owners, having met them through a previous job.

So Dog again, and pit bulls. (It was a pit bull mix that killed our cat Roswell almost exactly a year ago.)

As we pulled into our driveway after leaving Mango at the vets, we saw a dove at the fence where the bird feeder is. The only time we have seen a dove around here was within the first few weeks we moved into this house over twenty years ago. A dove hung around for a couple of days then left. We never saw it again. While there are pigeons around in parks, etc. we have never seen pigeons around here in the neighborhood. However, both doves -- the one from years ago and today's -- were definitely doves and not your typical city park pigeon.