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Friday, October 31, 2014

White Howlite Skull

Today's gem fair find: white howlite skull. A perfect day this Samhain/Halloween day. I like this one and it felt right. I've been doing meditations with ancestors and wanted a skull; and here it is!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Wolf in the Dark

Ancestor, Angel Meditations

I've been meditating on connecting with ancestors (as well as Archangel Metatron). Part of this includes the altar I have arranged for this, with scrying mirrors, animal totems (a Zuni fetish of a black jaguar gifted to me years ago), food and water, crystal and stone grid, etc.

The wolf has been a recurring animal presence in my life, including my dreams. For a long time a white wolf would appear, along with a woman who was nearly nude, and long hair, usually white or gray. She'd walk with a staff taller than she was, and the wolf was always by her side. Neither spoke, but it was always understood I would follow. (And I did.)

Recent dreams included the woman with gray or white hair, but instead of a wolf, the animal was a dog. Instead of almost naked, the woman was clothed -- heavily so. And instead of walking up -- on top of cliffs, almost touching the sky, we walked along river banks and narrow paths low to the ground.


Last night Wolf came again, but it was a very different dream. My recurring dreamscape of a school in the woods was the setting. Night, and a large semi arrives. It is night. The semi -- white -- is from a wolf sanctuary. They brought along two wolves to do an educational presentation on wolves to the students the next day.

The two or three people -- one of them, at least, a woman -- tell me I have to go into the large trailer and wait for the wolf. I'm okay with this but not sure why. I assume it's to help the presenters; act as a tour guide for them while they get their things together. But once inside the car, I'm told I have to stay in there and wait for the wolf until the wolf leaves the trailer.

I am insistent, very assertive, that this is wrong. I tell them they have no right to tell me what to do and make me stay. It's not my job, it's not my wish, etc. They don't care. They're not mean or violent but just very quietly insistent. I have no choice. No sense arguing.

They instruct me to wait in the dark, very silent, no movement, and the wolf -- a female -- will come out and she will know I'm there by my scent, my essence. It's important I don't move. I wonder about fear -- if I'm fearful while she smell that and attack? I am very nervous. As the wolf comes out -- a huge animal -- I can also smell her. I can feel her, her heat, feel her as she brushes against me. I am not scared or worried she'll attack, not at all, but I'm still … respectfully careful. Aware, in awe a little, cautious.

And I realize she is a little worried herself, this wolf. About what I or others might do. But it all is on her, if she accepts me, it's good. If not…

But she does. She moves on, by me, and goes out the door of the trailer.

There is another wolf, a younger wolf, that was also going to be presented, but the people tell me that wolf isn't ready yet. They decide to keep her in the trailer instead.

Symbol Behind Eyes

Then a strange thing happened. I was awake, and saw on the outside of my eyes -- in other words, this thing appeared outside but I could see through my closed eyes -- a strange kind of symbol. It seemed to be very important, it kept flashing at me and "speaking" to me. It looked like a bread tag, which is very funny I know, and also like  a triangle with rounded corners. I was disturbed by this a little and opened my eyes, but as soon as I shut them, there it was again.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Name Change:Integration

After a few title changes, have settled on Orange Orb Tarot (and oracle), since my focus, I have discovered, integrates my eclectic experiences and perspectives. I realized I was compartmentalizing, which was not the thing to do! Not every reader is interested in or "believes" in the paranormal, Fortean realms and UFOs, but, since I do, and all these things are so much a part of me, keeping these separate was the opposite of the direction I should have been taking all along.

All of us who read oracles are different. From our choice in decks to style, opinions, and values. Obviously! This goes for what I loosely call the pagan culture; I've met many a pagan and/or witch/magick practitioner who does not "believe" in UFOs, or ghosts, or more paranormal aspects of experience. Many do, some don't. Especially when it comes to UFOs and alien or UFO related entities. I've been told it's all metaphor, spirits in disguise, misinterpretations of such, and a hundred other things -- except the idea that there just might literally, really, be aliens from outer space. It could be all these things, some of these things some of the time, who knows. But outright rejection of UFOs as physical craft from elsewhere has often been the case in my experience, as well as interpreting abduction experiences within one own's pagan perspective. 

I'm not arguing against those opinions, I'm only pointing out that following a path does not always mean inclusion or welcoming of other paths. 

And not all tarot readers have any interest or belief in following pagan paths, or even see tarot as a spiritual or religious system. I don't argue against these differing views either, respecting all. 

I'm only saying that for myself, to be honest and clear and focus and most of all, open to and genuine about what I have to share in terms of doing readings, integrating my experiences into this current realm I find myself in is the only clearly logical way to go. 

Since the Orange Orb has been the name I've used for many years; not only the name of this blog but the title of my UFO Magazine column, it came to me that I should also call my practice Orange Orb. (I'm still tweaking it a bit; for example, I'm not sure about limiting the name to "tarot" because the work I do includes oracles as well as UFO and paranormal/supernatural areas.)