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Monday, February 17, 2014

Prophetic, traveling in time, or just a dream?


    Sometimes we dream scenes, people, situations, that don't seem to have anything at all to do with us. Sometimes parts may, but there is still a nagging question about why? Such a dream last night. For example, location. The Mary's River (Lumber yard) is a real place, and I've driven by it several times on my way to the coast, but I have absolutely nothing to do with the place. No interest, don't know anyone associated with it, don't know anything about it, etc.

Mary's River, Oregon image source here
     My husband and I are at Mary's River/lumber yard. The place is no longer operating, and there is lots of debris everywhere. Logs, planks, broken pieces of wood, soggy watery muddy spots, rusted machinery. To my surprise I find a woman in one of the buildings. Inside this building it's a mess; broken windows and stuff everywhere. But she seems happy. This woman is in her late thirties, very slender, wearing a sky blue dancer's skirt and violet leotard. Her hair is long and in a ponytail. The entire time she's talking to me she's doing dance moves, ballet moves. I find this odd but enjoyable. She tells me the history of this place. She nods towards the doorway, I see her husband, who is on a roof of one of the buildings, doing some kind of repairs.
     She tells me that up until about 1970 or so the place was over the top successful. I am suddenly transported in time, back, I am now in this place, but back then. I have to be careful, the river is raging through, just roaring and rushing. Turbines and water wheels are going crazy. Everything is rich and working and water everywhere, just everywhere. Almost dangerous.
     Just as suddenly, I'm back to the present. Damp, dank, messy, and no water, no healthy lumber, no working machinery.
     The woman, still doing her dance moves, tells me the Koreans have come in and bought up a lot of the area, also many U.S. government and private entities, and some other countries. They took it over and ruined it, on purpose.
     I had the feeling, when I woke up, that this had something to do with a possible move to that area. While it seems depressing, the present with its broken down and non-productive businesses, etc. there was a warning, yes, but it seemed okay. For one thing, this woman and her husband were working to create something new.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dog Totem/Dream Guide


      A disturbing dream in many ways last night, and I didn't realize it was Dog visiting once again until later in the day. 
     One of my dreamscapes, this one is an area that is very run down, large open lots where houses once stood, now many abandoned or dilapidated, lots are weedy. I know the ocean is just a few blocks away but can't see it. Some parts of this little town are still viable, barely, a downtown-ish kind of place.      Over the course of many days, I observe a homeless man (I assume he's homeless) roaming around the place. He is very dirty, filthy clothes, and appears to be in his forties. With him is the largest and ugliest dog I have ever seen that the man keeps on a leash.  This dog doesn't' even look like a dog. I don't know what it looks like -- a small bear, or a … who knows. It too is filthily, and gray. Not gray from the dirt, that's it's normal color. Shaggy gray ugly filthy dog.      Neither one of these beings are happy. I wonder if they're crazy, psychotic, dangerous, mentally ill, mean or what. I can't decide if it's safe to approach them. Every time the man sees me he just glares. And the dog -- hasn't growled or shown any aggressive signs, yet, but he isn't warm and fuzzy either. I want to stay away from both of them, and yet, they are both obviously in need. They are so dirty and hungry and clearly not being treated with any compassion by anyone. So I decide that these two creatures need food and care and so what if they turn out to be crazy or mean? I don't have to be their best friend, just see that they don't suffer.     I leave them some food, and some clothing. They're suspicious but then I realize that I'd be angry and surly and suspicious too if I had to live like this. They have every right to be full of anger and fear. It's not their fault.      They don't do anything at all to me, either way. They don't attack me or make me feel afraid, nor do they give me the time of day. They do accept the food and clothes and that's all that matters.     My work calls me, they're upset that I've been taking care of these two. The whole town gets in on the act. Some side with my place of employment, others with me. I think anyone who has the audacity and lack of compassion to criticize me for doing this can go to hell, and I tell them so. More uproar from citizens. More of me saying "Go screw yourselves." I continue to leave food and items for the man and the dog.
     Usually Dog appears either by itself, or with a woman. I think this is the first time Dog appeared with a man. 
     Sometimes Dog talks to me, or is downright friendly and sweet. Other times Dog is a guide, silent, leading the way, often on a leash, with its/my Guide, which is usually a woman. This time Dog was again silent, but waiting, not exhibiting any emotion, be it aggression or playfulness.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ouija Boards – Tool for spirit communication? Or portal to hell? | Mystic Cauldron Blog

S. Marlin at Mystic Cauldron has a great article on the use of Ouija boards: Ouija Boards – Tool for spirit communication? Or portal to hell?:

Why do ouija boards have such a bad reputation for spirit communication while other tools such as digital or tape recorders to capture EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) seem fine? After all, a tool is a tool, and a spirit is a spirit, right? ~ S. Marlin, Mystic Cauldron
Excellent question and Mystic Cauldron tells us why! I think it's very good advice.