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Monday, July 21, 2014

Grid Dreams

Two nights in a row I've had dreams about crystal grids.

The first dream -- which included an intense OBE state -- had me throwing the stones, like runes, to read them. My husband walked in and was curious so I read them for him, and explained the meaning of each stone or crystal.

The second dream, last night, seems a little comic. It's the second one with one of my many recurring dreamscapes -- this one is a room, the first room when you walk in the smallish house -- with wood paneling, no furniture or windows, just a table in the middle of the room. It's a sort of classroom. The house is up on a little bit of a hill, set back from the sidewalk, in a usual hum drum kind of residential neighborhood. The house has nothing special about it at all, really, kind of boring.

I'm inside, standing at the table (no chairs) with the characters from the TV show Big Bang Theory. (The only sit com I watch.) All the characters are here, but the main attention seems to be on Sheldon. They're here to learn from me how to create grids. Sheldon has already made his. He is being very "Sheldon" and anal-Obsessive Compulsive, and has placed the stones inside a wood box with high sides. He's more concerned with correct placing of stones because of shape and size; he hasn't gotten the concept of crystal and grid energy yet.

I tell him, gently, that it doesn't matter so much about the exact placement and size proximity of each stone, but that the sides of the box disrupt the flow of energy. I take the box apart, which agitates "Sheldon" but I tell him it's okay. Then he insists on using a wand to get the energy moving but he can't find the right wand. I tell him it's not necessary to use a wand, his hand or fingers will do.

Suddenly we hear a loud, booming male voice that's coming from behind one of the doors to the rooms. He's asking for Penny, he wants her to come into the room. He says he has something important to tell her. Everyone is impressed and "Oooooo, it's 'HIM', it must be important, Penny you have to go." I laugh and tell them this man is nobody, no one important at all, and he should come out and talk to us face to face, not hide in a room. Also, I say, he's just a fake horny would be guru who only wants to get into Penny's pants. I shrug and tell Penny it's up to her and she's an adult, but, "whatever."

I am surprised that they all, especially Sheldon, are curious about learning about crystals and grids and energy because, I tell them, it's something they'd usually think of as "woo." But they are genuinely interested, even though they don't get it.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sunday, July 13, 2014

30 Day Picture Challenge

Well, I've already fallen behind. The second challenge from Lisa Frideborg Lloyd was to post my name in Runes, but I just didn't get around to it. (#30daydivinationpic)

The fist challenge, a tarot selfie: photo of myself with my soul card, The Star. This is from the Deviant Moon deck.

Third - today's -- a crystal ball. This is the only crystal sphere I have; they're expensive, so all I could afford at the time was this very sweet and small one, which is on my Full Moon/Super Moon altar right now:

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

30 Day Divination Picture Challenge | From Seer Pathways-Lisa Frideborg

"30 Day Divination Picture Challenge | Seer Pathways: Lately, I have had a lot of fun with the 30 Day Tarot Picture Challenge (#30daytarotpic on tumblr and instagram). I want to keep going with something similar but not limit it to the Tarot or even the cards this time, so I put together a list of 30 picture challenges for divination. The hashtag/tag to use if you are interested in participating on your blog, instagram, tumblr, G or FB is #30daydivinationpic" - Seer Pathways
I'm going to try this. My personal challenge: to keep up with this every day! But I'll try. Sounds like fun, as well as a unique and fun way to further develop skills.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

11 Love Tarot Reading Blunders You Will Want to Avoid | Love Dove Tarot

Sharing this from Lisa Frideborg Lloyd: 11 Love Tarot Reading Blunders You Will Want to Avoid | Love Dove Tarot. Excellent points on common mistakes, for example, asking the same question over and over again.

I particularly agree with her point about what tarot readers are -- are are not. It's not magic; a reading is a participatory happening between client and reader. As Lisa says:

Expecting whoever is reading for you to be able to mind-read – As a reader, I can’t begin to tell you how frustrating this is. When you go to a reader with your relationship question, the point is not to test them by giving them as little information about the relationship as possible to see if they are ‘genuine.’ A Tarot reader may or may not be psychic but that’s by the by. ~ Lisa Frideborg Lloyd
For myself, usually my readings are a combination of interpreting and reading the cards as they are, but I also often get "flashes" strong pictures or feelings/vibrations, a "hit" of energy about the client overall. A strong vibe, sometimes accompanied by images, about the issue. Call it psychic or whatever term, it's part of the process.

I also like what she says about "rose tinted spectacles" -- giving a reading always drenched in happy positive terms. The reading has to be honest, not sugary goodness so as not to offend or put off. Of course you don't' want to intentionally upset your client! But the truth is the truth; ignoring or disguising unpleasant aspects isn't doing the client, or yourself, anything positive for either of you.

I also like the inclusion of "ethical blunders" in her article. Always important to remember!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Cat Attraction: Electric Blue Aura Quartz Crystal


I bought three electric blue aura quartz crystals at the Gem Fair last weekend. Even though they are not "natural," having been intentionally enhanced  through a process involving an electrostatic charge applied to the crystal (read about that here) I was attracted to these crystals. Some practitioners don't like to use these because the stones have been tinkered with. However, some, like myself, have found that this enhancement amplifies and can be very useful.

These enhanced quartz crystals differ in appearance depending on the process used and the stone. My particular crystals are also known as cobalt aura quartz.

I wrapped this myself and am very pleased with the result. (The photos don't do it justice.) I've been wearing it all day and right away felt its energy; an interesting blend of calmness but also energy.

Earlier this evening my cat came to visit me as he does at the same time every evening. He loves to sit in my lap for his nightly routine: combing, pets, love, and affection (as well as attention), play time, etc. He began to climb onto my lap, and he stopped and stared -- really stared! -- right at my crystal. Now I wear a lot of jewelry every day, including all kinds of pendants, crystals, stones, etc. around my neck. Often more than one at a time. He's never been interested. But tonight, Mango stared at my newly acquired crystal, then took a few steps closer, looking even more intently at it, put his face to it -- it was very interesting! I wonder if he wasn't picking up on the energies of the crystal.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

UPDATE: Angel Dreams Oracle, Nettle, and Mammograms

(Update: After I posted this, I found out I have to go back in for another one. Something about baselines and "undefined mass" . . . ")

I love working with Doreen Virtue's Angel Dreams oracle. I seem to have an easy, comfortable and intuitive fit with this deck. I get strong and deep readings using this deck, whether for myself or for others.

Yesterday I had a mammogram. I had one, years ago, probably fifteen years ago or so. I didn't want this second one at all and fought against it, but because of my health status now I agreed that it might be a good idea. Maybe. So I had one but I hated every damn minute of it. I don't know why I reacted so strongly during the process; I'm pretty earthy and practical and things, sexual, physical, to do with the body, don't bother me. And yet I found it so horribly intrusive, I was crying a little. Yes, it was uncomfortable, physically, but not painful. The invasive nature was psychological. I found this reaction on my part disturbing and curious; why was I reacting so strongly against this? But I hated it and was angry at the whole thing from beginning to end. 

Today, I was thinking about yesterday's experience and how it bothered me so much, as well as why, as I was pulling cards in this deck. A card fell out -- Nettle. When I saw that card drop sharply to the ground I thought "Aha!" Nettle seems to fit here. Rough, painful, prickly, Nettle is not a pleasant thing to touch. Downright painful.

And yet Nettle has wonderful healing properties. (Natural News has a good article on benefits of Nettle.)

Nettle: Boundaries, caution. "Maintain your boundaries." "…approach with caution and respect." "Nettle is a plant of maternal and metaphysical protection that encourages adaptability and flexibility." (Angel Dreams Guidebook, Doreen and Melissa Virtue, p78)

Interesting that this card speaks about boundaries and respect, as well as assigning the maternal aspect to Nettle. Breasts are obviously a maternal symbol, providing nourishment, and Nettle "…provides deep nourishment…"
The need to be adaptable and flexible is interesting; maintain boundaries, yet be adaptable. Sounds contradictory at first, doesn't it? Yet it is possible to be flexible within one's boundaries. Finding balance seems to be one of the messages from this card. Nettle also protects from negativity. 

Maternal, nourishing, balance, protection.

I saw this card as a direct reflection of my prickly reaction to the mammogram. As usual when working with this deck, the card or cards that jump out -- and they do jump out! -- are a visual depiction of what I'm feeling at the moment.