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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Feathers; Crow and Raven

This image popped up on my Facebook page:

I was reminded of a dream I had the night before last. So much going on in that dream! Including my smudging my home with sage. But part of that dream involved Crow and Raven:

I'm standing in front of our house, which is on a little hill. Lots of grass and small plants all around. The city is below us. Twinkling lights. Very peaceful, yet very energized at the same time . Looking up at the active, beautiful sky. No UFOs, but a sort of UFO vibe. The stars are alive. So energizing and beautiful!  I was telling the person I was with about the differences between crows and ravens, and how, in this area, ravens aren't usually seen. A crow appears; with a beautiful violet streak of color on some of its feathers. Now, a raven appears! The raven has the most glorious peacock kind of blue color streak on its feathers. The birds are glowing. I have the distinct impression the raven came because it knew I was talking about it. As with the crow. The two are aware of each other. Not enemies, not at all, but they keep their distance from each other. The raven seems to be telling me to delve deeper, closer. To what, I'm not sure. I awake with such an energized, positive feeling. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Newfound 'Gospel of the Lots of Mary' discovered in ancient text | Fox News

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Professor of religion Anne Marie Luijendijk, author of Forbidden Oracles? The Gospel of the Lots of Mary,  on the find:

Newfound 'Gospel of the Lots of Mary' discovered in ancient text | Fox News: The text would have been used for divination, Luijendijk said. A person seeking an answer to a question could have sought out the owner of this book, asked a question, and gone through a process that would randomly select one of the 37 oracles to help find a solution to the person's problem. The owner of the book could have acted as a diviner, helping to interpret the written oracles, she said.

Book thieves target the occult - East Oregonian

News from eastern Oregon, where apparently book thieves have been stealing books on metaphysical topics for a long time. What's slightly irritating is that the article leads off with "…books about black magic, Satanism, the occult and other related subjects…" then goes into books on tarot.

Moot point, true. Fact is, focused intent on ridding the public library of such books. Have to protect the citizens from evil don't you know.

I'm surprised they aren't able to trace who the thieves are. Seems easy enough to figure out. By the way, books on mushrooms also go missing.

Book thieves target the occult - East Oregonian: A cursory search for books about tarot cards reveals there’s only one that can be checked out at the Pendleton library, while the other can only be viewed inside the facility.

Of the 36 tarot card books in the Sage Library System, which covers 77 libraries in fifteen counties in Eastern and Central Oregon, 28 percent are considered lost or missing.

While the Sage system does have a small collection of nonfiction books about Satanism, including the Satanic Bible at the Milton-Freewater Public Library, the Pendleton library has no books directly about Satanism.

From Tarotize - Holistic Tarot: The Totem Tarot Spread

I found this recent blog post from Lisa Frideborg at Tarotize on totems inspiring and timely. I've posted several dreams and waking life moments involving Dog, and have been working with this recurring imagery. Without much insight, so far. I can't wait to try Lisa's spread.

Tarotize - Holistic Tarot: The Totem Tarot Spread: These days, it is quite easy to just Google the meaning of totem animals. However, no matter what they mean in general, you may still not find the exact message they have for you at this point in time... There are a couple of ways of resolving this: you can either keep trying to connect with the spirit animal in your dreams or in meditation until the message becomes clear... OR you can do a Tarot reading on it with the Tarot spread I created specifically for this: (Lisa Frideborg, Tarotize blog)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015