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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The UFO Tarot

There are tarot decks for just about any genre, including UFOs. The UFO Tarot, created by Bepi Vigna and Arturo Picca. 

The Magician: UFO Tarot

I haven’t seen this deck yet in person -- haven’t held it or worked with it -- and, while I am of course, all about UFOs, aliens/entities and all that goes with the phenomena, I’m not sure about using this deck. More specifically, I don’t know what I think about using this deck to directly address one’s UFO/entity/abduction/missing time experience. That might sound contradictory, I realize. But, I haven’t actually handled this deck -- it’s just the overall impression I have. It seems to me too trite and too easy. An interesting artistic deck, but to use in a serious way to get at these experiences?  Not sure. 

The Hanged Man: UFO Tarot

I find the idea of using tarot and oracles to access memories and insight into one’s UFO experiences fascinating. It’s just that I’m not sure about using such an overt collection of UFO themed -- which are, by definition, subjective and even more so in this context  -- to get to that information.

Here are links to a few reviews of the deck:
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