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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Twin Peaks Tarot | The Daily Grail

Oh this is good! A tarot deck based on one of my favorite television series, Twin Peaks. The creator, Benjamin Mackey, utilizes the Rider deck as the foundation for his take using characters from Twin Peaks. The Daily Grail (a site you must visit -- every day!) has more.

"The Twin Peaks Tarot | The Daily Grail: I think there are certain characters that David Lynch was purposefully basing off Tarot archetypes. There's one scene where Major Garland Briggs, he's talking about his experiences in the White Lodge, and there's a scene where he's sitting on this stone throne and he's surrounded by this lush greenery, and the pose he's striking is almost exactly the pose that the hierophant strikes. Then there's also a scene with Blackie at One-Eyed Jack's, she's at her table and she's playing the Tarot Cards. And it's a really small thing, you don't see her doing it a lot and they don't make a lot of direct references to it...but something like that, makes me think that maybe David Lynch has more of a conscious connection to the Tarot." (Benjamin Mackey,creator of the Twin Peaks Tarot)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

From Patheos: "Scrying Over You"

Scrying Over You: In the end, the magic’s not in the physical tool. It’s in you, and you can start out with some simple household or inexpensive items. So feel free to use an old, black coffee cup filled with water as a scrying pool. But once you start using it for that, it’s probably best not to also use it for your morning coffee. The first step in scrying is perceiving the spiritual aspects of the world. The second (and often more difficult) part is being able to understand what you see, and interpret what it means back here in the everyday. (Patheos)
Good advice and insights on scrying. Something I've tried, and continue to explore, and I agree with the author that it's not all about distinct and dramatic pictures -- like a movie -- but something more subtle. I also like the advice that anything can be used for scrying; a bowl of water, etc. It's fun as well as comforting, for myself, to use mirrors (especially if you made them yourself) but not necessary. Also not necessary to use a crystal ball, which, depending on the size, can be very expensive. It's not always about the tools, but it is always about you, your intentions, and your relationship with the spirits.