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Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Haiku, and a Tarot Dream

Funny dream last night, as well as one that came true, in a sense…

Dreamt I came into possession of a new tarot deck. A slight lucid dream moment; in the dream the deck was the Robin Hood deck, not the Robin Wood deck. I was aware of the funny change in both title and meaning of the decks.
 Later, I'm at work, and in a heated discussion about paganism and wicca, and found myself defending myself. Not defending myself but rather, really standing up for myself. 

Today at work, co-workers were commenting about paganism and how the meaning of pagan means not believing in god. I said "Pagans believe…" then I paused, and said "We believe…" and spoke about the different paths. "I'm a polytheistic pagan" I said, among other things. The co-workers are Christian, and they were very interested and very respectful. This was the first time I had come out as a pagan and a wiccan/witch at work. A good experience all around, but odd. I don't know what made me speak up in the first place, let alone make my practices known.

And now, for the haiku that I wrote this evening:

the tarot cards spread
summer evening and a full moon
awaiting the visitor