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Friday, January 31, 2014

From Diablo to Spirit: Animal Communication

This is an incredible video of animal communicator Anna Breytenbach and her work with an abused black leopard, who was rescued by an big cat sanctuary. However, this magnificent cat was dangerous; not allowing humans to get near, attacking, etc.

A beautiful story showing the power we have within us to heal others, including other animals.

I'm posting this here on White Wolf Oracle because many readers and intuitive workers use animals as oracles. Symbolically, metaphorically, through dream work, artistically, in our daily lives with literal animals, our animal companions.

This video is a powerful reminder about the power and intent of langauge -- the word. The labels and words carry intent, power, yes but within those words are the images of the message. We as humans know this, we carry them deep within us often not realizing what we have. This language/image "translation" comes through to us in the dream state, and of course, through use of tarot and oracle cards.


Monday, January 27, 2014

Deviant Moon Borderless Version

My deck has finally arrived! The Deviant Moon tarot deck, designed by Patrick Valenza. 

I already had the original Deviant Moon deck, which I love. It is in my top three favorite decks. When the borderless version became available, I knew I had to have it.

This new version doesn't have a glossy or slick finish. At first I was a bit disappointed because I assumed it would have that type of finish. But the more I handle this deck, the more I appreciate it and the non-glossy, more matte like finish is just fine.

The cards are the same size as the original deck, but there are no borders. This allows for the image to fully fill the card. Valenza's art work is so vibrant, rich and detailed that having the images stand out in this way is a treat, and makes reading the cards very enjoyable.

With this special edition I received a little goody; this version of the 4 of Coins, signed on the back. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Friday, January 24, 2014

Synchronicity, Cat Killer, and Archangel Raphael: Be Willing To Forgive

Archangel Raphael: Be Willing To Forgive | Archangel Oracle ~ Divine Guidance: Archangel Raphael: Be Willing To Forgive: “Ask the angels to clear your mind and body of past pain in exchange for peacefulness.” ~ Doreen Virtue, Angel Therapy Oracle cards
This card is from Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy Oracle card deck. It's not one I have; I do have her Angel Tarot and Healing with the Angels. (Also Magical Mermaids and Dolphins, Angel Dreams, and Mary, Queen of Angels.)

Just yesterday I was reading about how synchronicity occurs once you start working with oracles. And just a few minutes ago, I got into an altercation with a woman who lives down the block. Absolutely not a proud moment for me, but I am still hanging onto my anger and  deep sadness over the loss of my cat -- the cat that was killed in front of me by her two dogs last spring. Two dogs she consistently allowed to run loose in the neighborhood. Aside from the depression I am still feeling over my beloved cat's death, I am angry at this person's complete lack of compassion or responsibility.

Upset at myself for behaving so immaturely and lashing out, upset with her for being a scary, threatening and irresponsible person, upset at the death of my cat, I stormed into the house. Opened my email to find this post from the Divine Guidance blog: Forgiveness.

I realized that, yes, I am angry at this woman and her selfish idiocy, but I am also angry with myself. So not only do I have to forgive her, but I need to forgive myself. Forgive myself for indulging in holding onto anger towards her, forgive myself for making the decision to let my cat outside, forgive myself for behaving so reactively and immaturely.

(There is also the practical reason: the potential unstable nature of this person and possible escalation.)

Now that is a heavy lesson for the day!

But there it is. Forgiveness. Intellectually I understand the importance of forgiving, but as most of us have experienced, sometimes it is harder to understand this emotionally. So I welcome Archangel Raphael and ask for healing and the ability to forgive.

The Angel cards, whether by Doreen Virtue or other creators, sometimes have a "new age dippy" vibe. There are some things I don't like about them. Fluff bunny, I am not. On the other hand, I have had powerful readings with these decks, and continue to have powerful experiences concerning angels. In part I think those of us who all too easily see the "dippy" side of these things need to know there are moments when we need this comfort and healing. We don't have to be married to the whole show. Just accept what works for us and take it in in our own way. Interpret it in a way that fits. There may be sugary gooey parts but the message and the literal energy and actions from accessing what the Angels have to give us transcends any moments of self-consciousness.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Three-Card Spreads: The Essentials | Mary K. Greer's Tarot Blog

I like this advice from tarot author Mary K. Greer, who has been around for a long time in the tarot realm, on three card spreads. I've been playing around recently with three card lay outs, and have been impressed by how intricate a seemingly simple three card reading can be!

Three-Card Spreads: The Essentials | Mary K. Greer's Tarot Blog: The three-card spread is one of the most basic formats for quick-and-easy tarot readings. Yet, it can be surprisingly deep and insightful. It is perfect for a daily journal or when friends or people at parties want you to demonstrate what you do. Furthermore, the three-card spread is amazingly flexible as I hope to demonstrate. Most of these spreads are laid out in a row, left to right, although any pattern is fine. ~ Mary K. Greer

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Playfulness: Healing with the Angels oracle

Felt like choosing a card for the day, wasn't sure which deck to choose from. Slightly surprised, I found myself grabbing the Doreen Virtue Healing with the Angels deck. I say "slightly surprised" because I wasn't feeling that angel, mellow energy. Yet I found I wasn't going anywhere else either, like the Deviant Moon tarot deck, or the Druid Animal oracle. So there you go.

As I was pulling the cards, this is the one that jumped out. Okay, so we all know what that means when this happens! Use it. That's the card that wants to be heard!

"Fun and play is the Angels' way. They guide you to add fun to your life, and to know that fun is a necessity, not a luxury." ~ Doreen Virtue, Healing with the Angels p33
This card reminds us to have some fun; we can't succeed if we don't allow ourselves to relax, take time to just be and enjoy and play. I see this as the partner to the "take time out for yourself" reminder we so often get. Take time to reflect, be by yourself, meditate, soak in a tub... this card, Playfulness, is the other side of this. Take time out, but play! Dance or laugh or socialize, do something considered "just for kids" (popping bubbles on bubble wrap, fingerpainting...) just have some fun.

It may seem like an indulgence, or that you don't "get to" have fun. After all, we're adults, we need to take care of business. No time! No money! We have to be serious, or we won't succeed. Well, this card reminds us that we can have fun in hundreds of different ways and it doesn't have to cost a thing. When we take time out for play, which includes that sense of joy and wonder, even with the simplest and smallest of things, we actually add energy and success to our plans and our work.

Don't be afraid to have fun, to play. Taking time out to play only adds positive benefits to the rest of your efforts, in fact, charges them and amplifies them!

So go kick up those piles of leaves as you're raking them!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Review: Black Cats Tarot

I wrote a review of  Maria Kuara's Black Cats tarot, published by Lo Scaraeo, on Amazon awhile ago. I like the deck and don't think it's "cute" as some think, but as always, to each their own when it comes to decks. There is no right or wrong, simply what works for you. 

From Kristy Robinett, the Happy Medium: Penn Jillette, Hypocrites, Friends and Vegas

Kristy Robinett is a medium that I've been following for awhile now. We're Facebook "friends" though I've never spoken to her on the phone, or met her in person. She was on Coast to Coast not long ago. Anyway, I like her style and her insights, and here is a blog post she wrote about a visit to Vegas, and her response to a Penn and Teller performance:

Penn Jillette, Hypocrites, Friends and Vegas: Now, to back up and to be fair, I previously knew that Penn and Teller were atheists. I knew that they didn’t like the metaphysical or spiritual community. I also knew that they were Libertarians. But I didn’t know, and never imagined, that the show would be Penn blabbering about our loss of freedom, how ALL psychics and mediums were frauds and were criminals, and that if anybody believes in them or goes to them they should have their head checked. He preached that quantum physics was bull and for most all of the show he continued to preach his views. At one point I caught Chuck, who was on my left, and my friend, who was on my right, both snoozing. The illusions/magic that we did see was wonderful and made you scratch your head, but it was far and in between. And even though we did find tickets at a steep discount, it wasn’t worth what we paid. ~ Kristy Robinett
But, while if had been me, I would have been very snarky in any review (let alone my unwillingness to actually meet them, which Kristy did)  Kristy concludes with a compassionate and understanding (which does not mean approval mind you)  view of her encounter with Penn and Teller.

Amazon Review: Angel Dreams Oracle

My review of the Doreen and Melissa Virtue Angel Dreams oracle cards can be read at Amazon.com

Angel Dreams Oracle: The High Council and Amethyst

This is the image I used recently to promote a free three card reading using Doreen and Melissa Virtue's Angel Dreams Interpretations oracle. (Melissa Virtue is Doreen's daughter-in-law.) Notice the High Council card on the far left. This is one of my favorite cards in the deck. The first reading I did, this card came up in the reading. I've had a lot of synchronicities using this deck; for example, Amethyst came up several days in a row, even leaping out from the deck. No matter how well I shuffled and pulled the cards, Amethyst always came up for me. Clearly telling me something!

The High Council represents higher beings, guides, on the astral plane. If this card shows up, you are being asked to "take on a task..." that, despite the size of the task, will contribute to your inner growth as well as help humanity in some way. It is a card that reminds you of your potential, in the present, and in the future. Time is not linear; you might be asked to act now, or find to your surprise, that you have always had what you needed to act in the future.

It is a card of shift; a "spiritual shift" and reminds you to take a look at your current spiritual stage. {Virtue:p63}

Amethyst is a stone I use a lot in meditations and crystal work. Beautiful color and of course, it is excellent for protection and opening your intuitive and psychic channels. It is the stone of the third eye and the crown chakra. If this card appears in a reading, Amethyst is reminding you to work on your psychic self!

It is also a stone of protection from excess, drug or alcohol abuses or other kinds of self-abuse. It is a healing stone; the book that comes with this deck suggests that: "There is an animal in need of healing, nurturing and protection."
{Virtue: p18}

Friday, January 3, 2014

Tarot of Delphi: Know Thyself by Janet D.H. Hinkel — Kickstarter

Curious, and looking for inspiration on Kickstarter concerning my own tarot biz, I was surprised and delighted to find lots of tarot projects! I like this one:Tarot of Delphi: Know Thyself by Janet D.H. Hinkel — Kickstarter

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Delving into the Black Dog Mind-Slide

(cross posted at my Orange Orb blog)

Image (altered) public domain Wilhelm von Gloeden and Urban Ghost blog

Black Dog
I've been chronicling my Black Dog dreams and synchronicities. For whatever reason, Black Dog has been appearing to me in recent months, along with a few non-black dogs. I find this interesting because I don't have a dog, and haven't had one in decades. (I do wish I had one now and have been wanting one for a couple of years, but the time is not right.) Another reason and more to the point: anytime an image visits us with such consistency it's a big sign from the Universe to pay attention to ... something. Something is trying to get through. 

I haven't figured it out yet.

So far, Black Dog has appeared in many dreams, and a few synchronicitous moments. This morning, I had one of my "mind postcards" or maybe "slide" is a better word. A mind postcard, or mind-slide, is that vivid, startling, unexpected, out of nowhere moment when an image -- wait, more than just an image, a presence -- literally pops into my mind's eye when I'm awake. (I wrote about one I had years ago involving a green, warty non-human entity.)

This morning, wide awake and had been for twenty minutes or so, just gathering my thoughts, not thinking of anything in particular just about my plans for the day, a huge mind-slide of a Black Dog appeared. It startled the hell out of me. A huge, short haired, big eared Black Dog, sitting up, looking right at me. Not threatening or unfriendly, but not silly friendly either. Just sitting there, looking at me. "Here I am," it said. Not literally spoke, but the intent was clear. Beautiful dog, sort of like a short haired German Shepherd and a Doberman, but completely black. Very calm, very intelligent.

Dream Guides
I have been working with dream guides; calling upon mine. Is the Black Dog, or dog in general, my dream guide? For years I've had dreams of a white wolf that accompanied a long haired woman, with staff, who I was meant to follow. This has changed in recent months to a white haired older woman with a dog, not necessarily a wolf. More recently, Black Dog and dogs in general. So the Wolf-Black Dog- dog is an image, a power symbol, that comes to me for some reason. 

It looks like this year, I am going to have to delve into the esoteric realm of the 
Black Dog. 

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