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Friday, November 29, 2013

"25 Tips To Be A Happy Tarot Reader" From The Tarot Lady

Helpful advice. 25 Tips To Be A Happy Tarot Reader | The Tarot Lady I like her tip #5 in particular, which fits in with what I've been experiencing lately. Since I do readings mostly on-iine, I have clients who don't read all the instructions or follow them. Makes for a lot of time consuming and draining back and forth. Then there are the clients who email me a question, get their reading, don't like the results and want to discuss it further or argue it (and proving the nature of the reading in their doing so!) but Tarot Lady reminds us we don't have to deal with clients that behave this way:

5. Get rid of clients who drain you. Not every client is a good fit for you. Recognize when the energy is poor and let them go. In some cases, you may want to refer them to a reader who may be better suited for their needs/temperament.


After having my Etsy shop for less than three weeks, I just sold my first reading! Thank you.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Essential Birthday Card"

This is from Raven's Tarot Site, a beautifully created site with a lot of good things to explore. One is your 'essential card' -- based on your birth date, the card that appears is your "essential birthday card." I drew The Hermit, which I found to be quite accurate. I liked the three aspects Raven has created for each card: "Drive, Light, and Shadow."  I think that's a good exercise to do for each Major Arcana card!

The deck Raven used on the site is this one, from The Book of Thoth tarot. I had, or have, this deck -but I haven't seen it for years. I have no idea where it is! Looking at this I realize how beautiful the art is; maybe I can find the deck :)

5 Things You Must Know About Reading Tarot at Parties and Events | Biddy Tarot Blog

This is very helpful advice from "Biddy Tarot" one of my favorite tarot sites:5 Things You Must Know About Reading Tarot at Parties and Events | Biddy Tarot Blog