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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Heliotrope Metaphysical Tarot and Oracle Shop

I move to a small touristy town up North. (Northern Oregon? California?) I buy a metaphysical bookstore/shop that has been in business for decades. In this delightful small community, the place has been a real fixture. Tourists love it, the staff has been dedicated and stable, the town considers it a good addition to the local economy and reputation. So everyone is very wary of me -- an outsider, a newcomer -- coming in and taking over. 
I assure everyone that I have no intention of changing anything. I want to keep the staff and let them know how valuable they are. I tell them I will learn from them, and I appreciate them. I only plan to add more, not take away. Become even more involved in local projects and issues, etc. Everyone seems more relaxed and trusting after this. 
During the dream I kept getting a sense of purple, violet, and a word that sounded like "heliotrope." The name of the shop? I think so.
The only real change I make in this shop is setting up a reading spot. At the top of the stairs (the store is in a charming converted two story house, sort of a small Victorian) is a small room with a large window and built-in bookshelves. I set up a table and two chairs, place all my tarot decks and books and pendulums and other divinatory tools on the shelf. A cozy space for doing readings. I start to read for a client, get up to get something to show the client, when I come back, there is a woman giving a reading at a table near mine. I am very upset. I tell her I am the owner, she does not have permission to read, it's distracting to myself and the clients, and a disservice to the clients. So I apologize to the clients, do their readings for free, and kick this woman out. She doesn't even work there, she just showed up.
I looked up the metaphysical aspects of heliotrope. I don't know how much of the following is accurate, but according to Witchipedia: (italics are mine)

Magical Attributes of Heliotrope
Heliotrope is associated with the Sun and the element Fire.
Heliotrope represents devotion, that to lovers as well as to a God or a cause.
To dream of heliotrope means unrequited love. You can place heliotrope flowers under your pillow to encourage prophetic dreams, especially related to finding lost things and people.
The essential oil can be used to anoint candles and other objects used in divination and in spells for wealth.
Heliotrope can can be burned for banishing. (Witchipedia.com)
And finally, while reading Brent Swancer's piece on the Djinn at Mysterious Universe, the reference to David Morehouse's book Psychic Warrior gave me a jolt. Last night, I had a dream I was back in this shop, and someone (unseen, and above) handed me a silver bracelet with the words Psychic Warrior engraved on the silver.