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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dog Visits Again

Messages are flowing these days, including through my dreams. 
Last night I had my recurring dreamscape of a combination indoor school-campus-dorm setting, but also a sort of shopping mall. Many stories; at least five, but small.

Inside, I'm on the third or fourth level,looking out over the railing to the people below. A woman that I don't know comes up to me, she is asking me so many questions about my tarot practice. I'm telling her all about it, and very excited to do so. Then my husband Jim comes along. This is our conversation, which I cross posted at my UFO blog The Orange Orb:

Me: "I had a dream you had just returned from a trip in an egg shaped UFO and you were telling me all about it."
Him (without missing a beat): "Yeah, I was scrambled from the trip."
Me (pretending I didn't hear that): "I was standing in my dreamscape of combined campus/dorm/mall, on the third or fourth level, talking about my tarot practice to a woman who was asking me all kinds of questions, and that's when you showed up, just back from your journey in the egg shaped UFO. You were very matter of fact about the whole thing."
Him (again, without missing a beat): "That's because I'm hard-boiled."

Ha. I then go outside, and here is the school part. Lots of students and adults roaming about. I see a few dogs that are clearly service dogs; they have the vests, etc. One is a seeing eye dog, and so on. But there are some that are pets, and the dogs are on school property. One dog, a large short haired brown dog, long and rangy, is rolling around but he's on top some people, pinning them down. He isn't particularly aggressive -- more like he thinks he's playing but he doesn't really get it -- still, rules are rules and no dogs allowed on school property. The owners of all these non-service dogs are very irresponsible. Some kids are clearly upset at the dogs and some of the dogs have ruined the
grass by rolling around. I stop and firmly tell a person about the no dogs rule. As I walk on (ignoring the indigent comments of the dog owner) I see one of my supervisor's down on the ground. She was one of the "victims" of the dog. Yet she is upset with me, for what she felt was my rude behavior to the dog owners. But I don't care; I'm doing what is right and I tell her so -- the students as well as the adult's safety is the important thing. And, anyway, that's the district rule, I have nothing to do with it.

So, Dog once again visits me in my dream. I still haven't figured out what the message with Dog is yet. Probably that's why he/she (usually I have the impression Dog is male) keeps visiting!

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Medicine Cards: 4 Directions Spread

Medicine Cards oracle; 4 Directions spread

Year End Mini Review

Mini Albano-Waite tarot

Lisa Frideborg shared this; many thanks. Her suggestion for a 2014 Review: lay out three cards on the last day of the year. Many suggestions along the same lines, I decided on the following reading. I used my mini Albano-Waite tarot deck:

Left to right . . .

1st position (card 1): Lessons learned
2nd position (card 2): What to discard
3rd position (card 3): What to keep

You'll see that, even though this is a three card reading, there are four cards. That's because when I set down the cards, I found that the Nine of Pentacles was underneath the Page of Pentacles. So I used them both in that last position.

Three of Swords, lessons learned:
Grief, sadness, loss, depression. Express these, acknowledge, accept them. A part of life. But don't remain stuck, don't hold onto or sink into this realm. Learn from these events, these sides of myself. But look to the future, and what I do want. Not what I don't want or have lost. But what I want to gain.

This has been one of the consistent messages the cards have been giving me for the past couple of weeks!

Three of Wands, what to discard:
This is a positive card overall. Vision, the future. Possible travel. The work and knowledge and ideas have been expressed. How does this fit into the idea of "what to discard?" I see it as a message: okay, I've done quite a bit, and know what I want. Time to stop just standing there and looking wistfully at the expanse before me, and time to start moving! Literally doing, moving forward. Take it out of my head and emotions and into the concrete. Also a reminder to be confident.

Page of Pentacles, what to keep:
Flowing from the Three of Wands before, time to keep those fresh exciting ideas and start doing. The enthusiasm of the Page is great but it can also stop me from really doing -- stop being dazzled by the glitterings of the ideas, and do what needs to be done to make it happen. An encouraging card; keep the joy, but be practical about it.

Also had the Nine of Pentacles in this position:
Keep my focus. It's all good and learn to accept the good. I also see this as a reminder to be positive and not sink into that spiral; with that comes the grace this card represents. Acknowledge the importance of being kind, compassionate, which comes from remaining positive.

By nature, I abhor shallow don't worry let's all be happy nonsense. It's insensitive and passive aggressive. On the other hand, I know from experience that focusing, putting all of my intent on the stress filled, worrisome past only keeps it in the present. Remaining stuck is the result. Accept without judgement the shadow side, and accept the good that comes and is offered while keeping a positive vision of the future.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Cosmic Tarot and The Fool

In the post below, I mentioned that I wasn't familiar with the Cosmic Tarot. After looking at images on-line, I realized that I had seen this deck before, and I love it! Now this is a deck I really want! Maybe the birthday fairy in March will gift me with a deck.

The deck was created by Norbert Losche in 1986. A few reviews on the deck at Aeclectic Tarot's site.

Like many readers, there are certain cards that I look at when looking at a deck -- if those cards "call" to me, then I know it's probably a deck I want to work with. The Fool is one of the cards that I always look at to help me choose.

I do like the Fool in this deck!

The Fool, Cosmic Tarot

Some of the reviews on Aeclectic Tarot say the deck might appear "dated." Not a criticism, more of an observation. I suppose that's true, from what I've seen so far, but I like the feeling of a sort of 1960s/1970s feel. After all, I'm an old flower child myself. The card also evokes RWS.

Speaking of the flavor of eras and The Fool, this remains a favorite album. If you're a fan of Incredible String Band, for example, you'll love this.

The Fool album cover

Stay Positive: The Cosmic Tarot and The Star

This was on my Facebook page from Tarot.com:

Cosmic Tarot

This is the Major arcana card The Star, from the Cosmic tarot deck. I'm not familiar with the deck at all -- this is the only card I've seen from the deck. I just love this! The colors are so peaceful and soothing. It gives me a magical realism sense of things. I find the flamingo delightfully surprising, reassuring, humorous. Tropical and pleasant. The woman belongs there, is confident in a quiet, meditative way. The blue color of both the woman and the water and surroundings makes everything a whole, she is part of nature, they are one. In and out of the water. She is pouring water from gold cups into the lotus. Very spiritual and magical.

The message Tarot.com put with this card was to "stay positive."
And that has been the consistent message I've been getting lately. That message came through very strong in a reading someone did for me, and yesterday I did a 12 month reading for myself. Both readings told me to stay positive, not sink into negativity, panic, and fear, but to focus on the positive (what I want, not what I don't want) and expressing gratitude. When I feel myself going down, or, when things are moving as fast as I'd like, stay positive. (and be patient.)

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Medium Chip Coffey on Mothman - and a Strange Pull

(cross posted at my blog Orange Orb Tarot)

A few years ago, television's Paranormal State aired a Mothman episode. Medium Chip Coffey was a part of that investigation. One moment in that episode I found very interesting; just before Coffey uttered his comments on what he thought Mothman was, I felt a weird electrical feeling. I also knew what Coffey was going to say; that Mothman was an intelligence, a true and non-human presence.

The other night Coffey was on Coast to Coast, and when asked what he thought was his strangest paranormal experience, he said it during the Paranormal State Mothman episode. That he felt Mothman was "superior." Not negative, or evil, just "superior." Very interesting word to describe this entity.

Which suggests to me that, one, Mothman is not human. Nor a barn owl. (The popular debunk theory to explain away Mothman.) Quite obviously an "other" and paranormal, or more accurately, supernatural entity.

I myself have never seen Mothman or been to Pt. Pleasant. But like so many unexplained and mysterious things, I have not only a fascination, but sometimes, as the case with Mothman, some type of pull, something that calls and tugs between me and it. A sort of anomalous mediumship or communication.

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Deviant Moon: Ace of Wands Twice

This card has come up twice, in two different readings involving the same individual.

In context of the situation and individuals involved, this card suggests the hold on family the person in question has. New direction, beginning, possible pregnancy, children. This woman will hold onto their unit with whatever it takes. Perfect union for them, but isolated, insulated, and at what cost? Before that:

The two other cards in the reading: 9 of Cups, 10 of Wands.

9 of Cups: material fulfillment. Greed, lust, such wishful thinking! Like a kid who gets all the candy they want, not knowing or caring that it isn't good for them. Concern for the material is the priority. Expecting things to be given to them, more to the point really: feeling of entitlement. And not having to share. Mine, mine, mine!

10 of Wands: Such a burden! Heavy, hard to handle, all the individual has to do is put the load down. But they won't, they can't. so grasping and greedy and overwhelmed with keeping what they believe is theirs. Nobody else deserves it, there's no sharing the burden. No leaving some of it behind to lighten the load -- someone might steal it after all! Better to carry the heavy thing. That way it's sure to stay with the rightful owner -- no one else will get any!

Back to Ace of Wands. I love the imagery in this card; it's very Madonna like. But in this context, and the fact the card has come up twice in the same context (different days, different readings) it suggests a skewed maternal instinct.

Another dark reading, and so where is the benefit to this? The healing and productive side to such a reading? This was a reading for insight into a situation for another. Not much can be said for the unpleasant truths of the situation; but we can be forewarned. Our intuitions about the situation are confirmed, and we now know that it is simply best to walk away and leave them to themselves. 

Upcoming & Pre-Order Decks at Aeclectic Tarot

A look at some of the new tarot and oracle decks coming our way. Not all have images yet but many do. Hmmm, which one do I want? Upcoming & Pre-Order Decks at Aeclectic Tarot

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

On my list: Wild Wood Tarot

It's that time, when the urge to acquire a new deck is so very strong. I've been wanting a deck -- a tarot deck, not an oracle deck -- to use with more witchy-pagan type energies and realms. So far, it seems that the Wild Wood deck might be the one. Truly beautiful. I haven't had the opportunity to work with this deck yet but I love the images. Druids, nature, pagans, deities, shamanism, … feels very much where I want to go these days.

The deck was created by John Mattews, Mark Ryan and Will Worthington. 

Reviews of the deck at Aeclectic Tarot, among other places.

Early Santa Solstice Sweetie Gift

My Santa Solstice Sweetie gave me my gift early; this beautiful multi-colored aqua aura quartz necklace. I also love that he bought it at our local Holiday Market here in Eugene, hand made by a jewelry artist named Crye. I loved her witchy vibes steam punk kind of jewelry, great wire wrapping jewelry and crystals. There were crystal pendant earrings I would have loved to have had but Santa Sweetie and I both couldn't afford it. Still, her prices are very reasonable. She sells at the Saturday Market so I will be sure to visit her when the market starts up again in the Spring.

Aqua aura crystals are not "natural" but enhanced crystals with gold. This is a powerful combination of gold and crystal that facilitates communication, calmness, self-expression, public speaking, success, abundance, psychic abilities of all types. A  perfect crystal to come into my life at this time!

Solstice Special 2 Card Reading by ReadingsbyRegan on Etsy

Solstice Special 2 Card Reading by ReadingsbyRegan on Etsy

Monday, December 22, 2014

Insight Into an Ugly Situation

I created this little three card layout that offers insight into an ugly situation. Why is this person behaving this way towards others in the context of this situation? Lies, secrecy, irresponsibility and more.

I tried using the Angel Tarot for this reading, but it was not happening. I knew it wouldn't -- funny how that works! Using the pendulum, the message was clear: Deviant Moon for this reading!

1st card: Middle position
What is the person afraid of?

2nd card: Left
What the person wants

3rd card: Right
Where the person is at right now.

In the 1st position -- fear -- is the 9 of Wands. 
This person does not want to be lost, nor perceived as being lost. Alone, sadness, fear, boredom, a sense of being stuck, apathy. Just not having what it takes to get out of the situation. It's a self made situation; all one has to do is get up and go. There is light, there is passage, there is help. But this fear is keeping the person stuck.

2nd position: Wheel of Fortune. Karma, fate, what comes around and all that. If you simply sit back -- like this person is doing with the 9 of Wands -- and let Fate have all the power, then there is no onus to be responsible. "It's out of my hands," is what the individual is telling themselves.

On a higher level, events do happen in their own time and way.  The changes that are inevitable are being confused with refusing to take responsibility.

3rd position: The Hermit. In context of this reading, this person is hiding. Not solitary or away for healing productive self-reflection, but escape. Secrets. Hiding away from others. Cannot move (9 of Wands) cannot take responsibility, cannot seek guidance from self.

But maybe there is hope. Alone with the self, this person has to either confront within and learn, or, continue to hide and deny.

A dark reading. I did this not for a client, but for some insight into someone I know and a situation very close to us.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Name Change on Tumblr

Visit me on my tumblr blog.

Formerly Tumbling Tarot, now changed to Orange Orb Tarot to match with myself elsewhere on the web.

Blessed be!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

7 Steps to Developing Your Intuition With Tarot Meditation | Biddy Tarot Blog

From Biddy Tarot, one of my favorite tarot people on the web (Lisa Frideborg being another) on developing one's intuition using the tarot:

7 Steps to Developing Your Intuition With Tarot Meditation | Biddy Tarot Blog: A Tarot meditation typically begins with a general relaxation of the body and the mind, before going deeper into the image of the selected Tarot card and exploring the messages of the imagery.

Tarot Card Meditation in 7 Steps

Step 1: Select a Tarot Card (Biddy Tarot)
All excellent steps. I've been doing my own versions of this for some time. I'm sure many of us have done something like this; this is one more path to try.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Little Experiment: Pendulums, Telepathy and Aliens

From 2008, an article I wrote for UFO Digest:

A Little Experiment: Pendulums, Telepathy and Aliens: A Little Experiment: Pendulums, Telepathy and Aliens
by Regan Lee

Posted: 18:00 November 11, 2008

Source: en.wikipedia.org/The psychic aspect of UFOs seems to be too often ignored or dismissed by many researchers. Often exasperated by what’s perceived as a silly, New Agey element that is an embarrassment to “serious” UFO researchers (someone please tell em what is a “serious” UFO researcher? A suit and tie? Heavy use of a clipboard?) a psychic component of the UFO phenomena is sometimes seen as an unwelcome intrusion into credible research.

But there is a psychic thread within the UFO experience, and it’s dishonest to ignore that. It’s dishonest, or at least a disservice, to reject the value in this fact. UFO lore is full of stories of people who’ve had some kind of psychic or telepathic experience in context of their UFO and/or alien encounter. The UFO literature is full of stories of witnesses finding that they have a sudden, unexplainable strong urge to look out the window, go outside, walk or drive to a certain place. Upon doing so, the witness sees a UFO or encounters an entity. Sometimes these encounters include psychic or telepathic communications between human and alien.

There are also many stories of witnesses who say the UFO they saw “knew” it was being watched, knew that the humans were there. The UFO seemed to have an intelligence and awareness of the human witness, and plays or puts on a show for them.

The Pendulum and UFOs

I posted this in 2011 on my Orange Orb blog:

I have success with dowsing and pendulums, but I am wary of using the latter when it comes to UFO and paranormal areas. It's ripe for trickiness; it's an open invitation for devious manipulations of the subconscious as well as free-floating energies. I'm reminded of contactee Ida Kannaberg's Project Earth, where she first received telepathic messages with ET type entities via pendulum. Channeled communications from something (s), somewhere, no doubt. The opening of pathways for these others to come on in is easily created.

This awareness didn't stop me from using the pendulum, after asking it about more mundane issues,  about UFO experiences. Asking about my orange orb sighting and whether it was a human made craft: clear no. ET or "alien" created? Yes. Missing time; related to the orange orb sighting? Weak yes. Hmmmm. ET/alien caused? Sharp no. Hmmm. Human caused? Clear yes. Aha. Maybe. All this means . . . what. I tell myself consciously -- insist -- that I have no idea what that orb was, and while it certainly could have been "alien," it could also have been any  number of other things. I don't doubt the MILABS aspect of abduction and UFO events, but how deep do my subconscious thoughts go concerning the subject?

Was the orange orb sighting alien, and the missing time a component of that sighting, manipulated by human spooks? Aware that we had the sighting, in either partnership with, or attempts to control, the ET presence? Or, just pendulum silliness? Why do I trust the pendulum's insights in other matters but not in this realm? I've had several UFO related events in my life concerning telepathic or psychic communications (not "channeling") and certainly as many sightings, so why this resistance? I suppose some of this skepticism has to do with fear of grabbing onto any old easy answer; so many have been tricked, duped, manipulated, lied to and even driven crazy in some ways by UFOs. There's also the messenger being believed as creator of the message. Simply because an entity or energy drops by and says it is such a thing, doesn't make it so. It just means that's what it's telling you. Ha.

This is what some do not get when it comes to the Contactees, the channlers, the UFO witnesses. Oh, something happened all right, something huge, but the UFO Police -- and not just the standard debunkers -- reject these as embarrassments to UFOlogy and nothing more. The Gloria Lee's, Dana Howards, George Van Tassels, Howard Metzger's and so many more tapped into something that transcends a simplistic dismissal from researchers that continue to distance themselves from the esoteric side of UFO experience.

The UFO Tarot

There are tarot decks for just about any genre, including UFOs. The UFO Tarot, created by Bepi Vigna and Arturo Picca. 

The Magician: UFO Tarot

I haven’t seen this deck yet in person -- haven’t held it or worked with it -- and, while I am of course, all about UFOs, aliens/entities and all that goes with the phenomena, I’m not sure about using this deck. More specifically, I don’t know what I think about using this deck to directly address one’s UFO/entity/abduction/missing time experience. That might sound contradictory, I realize. But, I haven’t actually handled this deck -- it’s just the overall impression I have. It seems to me too trite and too easy. An interesting artistic deck, but to use in a serious way to get at these experiences?  Not sure. 

The Hanged Man: UFO Tarot

I find the idea of using tarot and oracles to access memories and insight into one’s UFO experiences fascinating. It’s just that I’m not sure about using such an overt collection of UFO themed -- which are, by definition, subjective and even more so in this context  -- to get to that information.

Here are links to a few reviews of the deck:
On Amazon

Monday, December 15, 2014

Day Three: Tarot Card Essence

More Synchronicity
I mentioned in previous posts I’ve been experiencing a lot of synchronicities lately, and they’re continuing. I’ve been thinking very strongly of Emma Woods the past couple of days and intending to email her. Today I find that she had sent me two emails. (If you’re unfamiliar with Emma Woods, she was a client of Dr. David Jacobs, a UFO researcher who uses hypnosis to regress UFO witnesses and abductees. He has written several books on UFOs; specifically, alien abudctions.  Unfortunately, his tactics concerning Ms. Woods were reprehensible. Fortunately, her response to the unethical and surreal treatment has been stellar and brave.)

The Essence
Last night I decided to choose a glass to use just for this purpose. I got a pretty vintage cocktail glass that I had stored in my cupboard down from the top shelf, washed and cleansed it, and that is what I used last night. I also used the violet cloth I use for spreads with the Angel Tarot deck. I’ve been doing this little ritual close to bedtime, using filtered water and letting the glass sit for at least fifteen minutes -- last night it was about forty five minutes. 

Last Night’s Card: Queen of Water
From fire (previous two cards were (9 of Fire and 8 of Fire) to water. I am a Pisces with Cancer moon and Cancer/Leo rising. Still using Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot deck; when my whim shifts I’ll use another deck but for now, the Angel Tarot feels fine.

Water corresponds to CUPS: emotions, creativity, nurturing, relationships, intuition...

“Relationships develop to a new level. Trust your intuition. Care for yourself and others.”

Mom on a Motorcycle
I don't’ remember much about the dream last night, but the dream has a definite Water/Cups/Mother/Creative energy. I see connections between the dream elements and the card.

I’m in an airy kind of garage type place, with my husband. I think a few others are around. My husband and I are both artists in waking life. In the dream, we’re painting. I have a few large cans of paint set on the floor. I really like this paint. It’s a new kind, and very easy and smooth, very pleasant. it’s soothing.  Something about the texture -- so nice to stir with large wood paint sticks. But when I go to paint -- and I’m painting directly onto the ground, the asphalt -- I’m a little disappointed. The paint, when applied, doesn’t live up to expectations. When it was in the can, it was so nice. But I find I have to apply a few coats to get it to stick and cover properly. And the color is a bit washed out. So, I’m a bit bummed but not terribly so. I’m still enjoying being peaceful, painting.

Visitors, acrylic on masonite, Regan Lee
To my surprise, my brother drives up on a motorcycle, with our mother on the back! In waking live, the brother and I are estranged, and my mother, who is in her mid-eighties, is not doing at all well health wise. Her health is very poor. In the dream she’s using a walker, and yet, she is happily riding on the motorcycle! She is youthful and healthy and enjoying herself. My brother is also “better” --- very open and genuine.  No games, no lies, no disconnect. Such a weird funny surprise! My brother pulls into the garage on the motorcycle, mom hops off and immediately uses her walker. They both seem happy.

Since Water (Cups) corresponds to relationships, and considering the state of the relationships in this context, it seems this card is an encouraging message of hope, and, possibly, release.  The Queen, a court card, can be seen as both a part of myself, as well as my mother. 

A lot to digest here, and much more concerning these relationships than I choose to share. However, I felt a distinct pull and connection between the Queen of Water and last night’s dream. I haven’t worked through it all yet; much to think upon!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Black Cats Tarot: Inner/Outer Spread

Black Cats Tarot, Inner/Outer Spread

Top row: left to right the usual past present future but remember, it's not so linear, not black and white, not clearly divided. The past doesn't stop where the present begins and the future is movable. The inner of you. What others may not see or what you don't always show.

Bottom row: the same, focusing on the outer. What's happening around you, to you, and what others are participating in with you. Or, you with them. . .

The card stands alone. This is what you can use, where you can go, what you can activate. This is where you can be.

Far right row: top card. You inner future. Spiritual, meditative, personal, intimate, private if you like, to be shared if you choose.

Bottom card: Where your social/career/family outer life might find you.

Nothing is written in the stone wall of apathy. You can ignore it, change it, climb over it, recarve it.

Hematite and Fire

Tarot Card Experiment: Essence

I’ve been experimenting with a tip I found on Lisa Frideborg’s Tarotize  as one way to get in touch with the cards.

This process involves choosing a card from your deck, and placing a glass of water on top of the card. The glass must sit on top of the card for at least fifteen minutes, longer is preferable. Drink the water, mediate on the card. 

Lisa Frideborg advises creating these essences following the lunar cycle and gives other specific pointers. However, I was curious to see what would happen without delving into things on a deeper level for now, but it is important to know what energies you are working with and how they will affect your intent. For now, I didn’t have any more of a specific intent other than to see I liked this process.  

Fire and Water  -- and Synchronicity

I used my Doreen Virtue Angel Tarot deck for this. The first evening I pulled 9 of Fire. I used filtered water -- very important -- and drank that, meditated on the card, and went to sleep. I had an interesting dream that concerned accepting changes and unexpected events. For example, I went to my car, but it was parked on the other side of our neighbor’s house. Unusual in reality, but not in the dream. But when I got to the car, it was submerged in water. I could see the car and briefly thought about reaching into the water but then thought better of it. I didn’t want to get wet or slimy. So I walked on, but I had a sense of acceptance and wasn’t upset in the least.  

9 of Fire: "Don't give up. Protect that which you've created. Have courage, and believe in yourself."

(I’ve also been experiencing a rash of little synchronicites the past couple of weeks. Two examples out of many: Out of the blue a co-worker, now retired, just popped into my head. I wondered where she was, how she was doing. Next day, she shows up to visit. After the water dream, our other car wouldn’t start and we had to call AAA. )

More Fire, and Hematite

Last night was my second night doing this experiment. Once again I pulled from the Angel Tarot, and once again, I pulled a Fire card! This time it was 8 of Fire. Believe me, those cards were shuffled well! Obviously there is a message there. Drank the water and meditated on the card before sleep.

8 of Fire: "Events moving at a fast pace. Delays are over. Many things happening at once."

Last night’s dream: I don’t remember much, except for a huge hematite crystal formation, so heavy and strong in my hand! I remember barely able to hold the stone, and feeling awed by the weight, the coldness -- which wasn’t unpleasant at all, in fact very soothing -- and the strength of the hematite. I remember holding the stone up to objects to see how they would react, and finding the magnetic pull delightful. 

Hematite is used for many purposes. It helps with the blood, wounds, -- which is interesting since I just had a procedure -- having to do with my "lady parts" --  done that involved those things. Hematite is used to dispel negativity, as well as opening the psychic abilities within us. It is grounding and balancing. Healing Crystals for You says: “They have a highly protective energy and are good to help women who lack courage.” I don’t lack courage, but... well, I guess I do, in some areas. Procrastination and other issues are a form of self-sabotage.  Remember 9 of Fire: " have courage, protect yourself." Things are opening, changing, (Fire) and some grounding is needed (hematite) during this adventure.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Black Cats Tarot

Black Cats Tarot, Maria Kurora, Lo Scarabeo

I love the Magician card in this deck!

There are many cat themed tarot decks. I haven't felt much of a connection to any of them until I discovered the Black Cats Tarot, designed by Maria Kurora.

I bought this deck at a very lovely metaphysical shop in Newport on the Oregon Coast. Things Rich and Strange; they have another store further up the highway in Depot Bay.

The day I bought this deck I was feeling very anxious about my mother's health. I was staying with my mother, who lived in Newport at the time, and feeling a lot of stress over her situation.  I walked into Things Rich and Strange, just feeling a pull, and felt like I needed a deck. All the decks were open, and I looked through every one, but none really spoke to me. The only deck that wasn't open was The Black Cats tarot. I walked out not having bought anything -- I didn't want to buy a deck I hadn't looked at -- but something made me turn around and go back inside. I bought the deck even though I hadn't seen it, just the box of course.

I'm glad I decided to purchase the deck anyway. It's very sweet and calm, without being sappy. I like to carry this deck with me when I'm out and about. It's on the small side which I like. The corners are rounded which is very nice.  My only complaint is the way the court cards are marked -- difficult to determine Queen and King.

One of the first readings I did was concerning a family situation, including my mother's health, and I was amazed at the intensely specific cards in that reading!

Copper Wrap Blue Chalcedony Pendant

Copper wire wrapped blue chalcedony pendant with sunstone. Comes with beaded cord in a pretty blue bag, with informational card on meanings and use.

This is on my Etsy shop.

Blue chalcedony has a beautiful sky blue color that I find very calming and soothing. This stone is good for facilitating balance and getting rid of negative energy. It is also excellent for use in work activating psychic awareness.

Sunstone is a "good luck" stone attracting prosperity. It's a good stone to help you achieve goals, and helps with confidence and inner strength.

Tarot or Oracle Deck?

Or, both?

Why choose -- it's not a contest.

Tarot card: Major Arcana, The Empress, RWS deck

Both are wonderful tools to use. Both are oracles, really. The tarot are cards, and of themselves, an oracle. Oracle cards are not always tarot cards, and don't follow any rules or form that the tarot does. But both are card decks, and both are used for similar purposes.

Tarot cards, while differing in style, artwork, and theme, follow specific rules. A tarot deck contains 78 cards. 22 of those cards are the Major Arcana cards, and the rest are the Minor Arcana cards of four suites. (56 cards.)

Tarot card, Major Arcana: The High Priestess, Doreen Virtue Angel Tarot

Within this classic structure there are differences on occasion, depending on the deck creator's inspiration. Wands may be called batons, or fire, or staffs. Coins may be called discs or pentacles or earth, spirals, etc. … sometimes the names of the Major Arcana might be changed. Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot renamed the Death card "Rebirth." There are hundreds and hundreds of tarot decks out there, many with some changes but overall, there is a standard as to number of cards, the way they are arranged (Minor and Major Arcana, etc.) and meanings assigned.
Oracle deck: Magical Mermaids and Dolphins, Doreen Virtue

Oracle decks do not follow any traditional rules as to number of cards -- in fact, often oracle decks have fewer cards than a tarot deck. There are also hundreds of themes; angels, fairies, animals, flowers, chakras, dreams . . . 

If you're new to tarot and feel a bit intimidated or overwhelmed, try using an oracle deck. Reading with an oracle deck will help you with your confidence. Using an oracle deck will open up your perception and your intuition, allowing these to come through easily, and you'll soon find yourself feeling very comfortable doing readings. 

Oracle card: Lynx, Medicine Cards, Jamie Sams 

Find an oracle deck that you like, that speaks to you. There so many themes out there you're sure to find one that fits your personality. 

Whether using tarot or oracle cards, relax and have fun and always follow your own sense of where the reading is going. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Do It Yourself Abduction Regression Kit:Golden Merkaba, Chariot

Came across this image today; found it interesting St. Germain is holding a yellow Merkaba stone.

(I could have sworn I had posted the following here on this blog; thankfully I linked to it at tsu, and found it at my UFO blog, The Orange Orb.)

Jim and I, and some others with us,  are walking on the boardwalk by the ocean. It is twilight. Cool, but on the warmish side for November. Light rain falling, wind. Orange and yellow leaves are falling slowly to the ground. I hear the wind, the rustle of trees, the falling leaves, the ocean ... I tell everyone to stop and listen, there’s something happening here. Everyone tells me of course there is, it’s just the rain and the wind. I say no, not that, listen! There is a sound behind the expected, the normal. “They” are here, and by "they" of course I mean "them." You know, those invisible aliens and their morphing craft. Soon, all can hear this sound behind the sound. It's a kind of invisible humming, or... something. We watch a leaf fall very slowly to the wet pavement and I say “That’s not normal, it’s falling way too slowly and purposefully for a simple leaf.” The leaf then turns into a large yellow geometric shape, the size of a VW bug, a yellow jack (child's game of jacks) then   a golden  Merkaba. We know to look up, way way up, in the sky which is now vibrating with shots of light. Clouds are shaking.  A large UFO/craft appears through the clouds and the feeling is clear and sharp: this is not good, not good at all.

image source:public domain, pixabay.com

Dream scene shift, and  we are in a pleasant conference type room, surrounded by picture windows, up in the wooded hills. Isolated, out of town. It's later this same night.  The subject is UFOs, and I am desperately trying to tell everyone about what had happened earlier with the changing leaf, as well as my past columns for UFO magazine. I feel an overwhelming urgency to get this information out.  People are asking me all kinds of questions -- they’re beginning to feel this urgency too. Then I say to someone it’s like “the other dreams, the dreams I’ve had before this.” And I realize that I’m dreaming now, and talking about other dreams within this dream. Layers of dreams, messages  just barely hiding within them.  

merkaba stone: image: regan lee

The presentation begins. We sit and watch a video on UFOs and abductions, and how using the tools presented in this film, we can now regress ourselves. No longer do we have to go to an untrustworthy hypnotist or researcher, or share with strangers . We can regress ourselves within ourselves, by ourselves. This is great news for us and most of us seem to accept this as a breakthrough. We feel empowered, and that's the important thing, even though we are also uneasy about what would be revealed via this do-it-yourself-hypnosis-abduction-regression-kit. 

Merkaba: ancient sacred symbol representing energies of the human body ascending, used in spiritual work. A tetrahedron; two pyramids as one.  The Merkaba protects, transforms, brings us closer to our higher selves. It is also the Hebrew word for Chariot. In Tarot, The Chariot

The color yellow can be yellow aventurine. I don't know if that was the specific stone in the dream, but I found it interesting that one characteristic of yellow aventurine is to "help people who have problems with power and control."  (Healing Crystals.com)
Also:Those who are oversensitive or indecisive, issues relating to an unbalanced Sacral Chakra, can also benefit from Yellow Aventurine's reassuring and balancing energies. Meditating with a Yellow Aventurine Merkaba can help focus your intentions for manifesting a sense of ease in being yourself. (Healing Crystals.com)
The Major Arcana tarot card, The Chariot, also has to do with control, will, assertiveness, direction, victory, travel. Interesting the Chariot is also a vehicle, as is a UFO/craft. Both the golden Merkaba and the Chariot have to do with will and control. 

image: public domain, Waite Rider deck
In the dream, the Golden Merkaba came down from above; disguised at first as a leaf, then a child's toy, then finally, the stone. It transformed from familiar things to something more esoteric. While it came down from above, so did the UFO. The Merkaba was not a negative energy, but the UFO was. Both out of my control, both out of my doing. Later, meeting with other like minded individuals, in the woods -- we were away from others, in a private setting surrounded by nature -- taking back our own power with the "do it yourself" kit. Retrieving memories lost to missing time is our choice, and the way we want to do that --  if we want to do that --  is our choice. Each one of us determines what it means, not some self-appointed UFO guru shames or trivializes those who do not share in his or her conclusions. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

I Too Was A Telephone Psychic

Biddy shares Confessions of a Telephone Psychic with Alyson Mead | Biddy Tarot Blog.

I was a telephone psychic once; I hated it. My own experience differs from those Biddy Tarot shares. I did my thing from home; calls came into me at set times and I read cards for callers. We were told to only give positive readings (well, er, yes, but … and then … sigh) and to keep people on the line as long as possible. I never did that of course but that was the mandate. In fact, I remember one time I was trying to get the person off the phone, since the reading was done, and he and his pals had clearly been drinking. I felt it was a waste of their money. Anyway…

I did feel I helped people; I know I did. There were callers that were sincere and needed help and it is a good feeling knowing they did receive that.

There were also the kind, like the man who angrily demanded to know "Why the damn hell" can't I give him the winning lottery numbers, and, because I couldn't/wouldn't, gave a sarcastic laugh, said "I thought so!" and slammed the phone in my ear.

Overall, the job was pretty dismal and I didn't make much. But it was a good experience in many ways; I realized then that I could read cards and I did have the skills and gifts of both compassion and a psychic insight -- something that just seems to come awake through me when I read cards. Cards seem to be one of the strong tools for me to use in that context.

So I don't regret having been a telephone psychic, but it isn't something I'd do again. I don't put what I do now -- readings over the phone -- as the same thing, though I suppose technically it is.


Panther came to visit me last night in a dream. 

I look out my bedroom window; in the yard is a huge black panther. She is beautiful! And very large, as big as a car. She is not aggressive, just lying there, up against the white picket fence.  A collar is around her neck, and a rope -- more like a ribbon, which is also white -- attached to the collar. But the leash of ribbon isn't attached to anything. She can go wherever she wants. She seems content to just be where she is.
I go out there, she is aware of me. No danger and yet, I am cautious. Awed, and so grateful I am so close to this wonderful creature. I am happy she has decided to come to my yard! But I am worried, for her, and others. If she's someone's "pet" well, she shouldn't be! No one should own an animal like that! But if she's on the loose, is she a danger to humans? I don't know. She doesn't seem to be.  
Everywhere I go, there she is. Not following me, but just there. Quiet, calm. Yet as I peer into her her glossy fur, and see the even darker spots beneath the blue black of her coat, her fur, her skin, begins to ripple. There is immense power within.
I also worry about this incredible and beautiful creature. Is she okay put here by herself? Doesn't she need to run free, in open spaces? What about food? She can't survive out here, what is there to eat? She seems okay now but . . .
I try to tell people that she needs help, or at least, contact someone who can assess her situation, like animal control. But no one seems to notice her. When they do, they just shrug and move on. They don't appreciate the gift of her presence at all.
 I wake up feeling both comforted and happy at having this visit from Panther, but also a little sad.

Image: public domain, RWS deck

The Tarot image that came to me large and vivid  when reading this dream: The High Priestess. This came to me before I found the following -- I did a little searching and found this: "Black Panther's Power Includes astral travel, guardian energy, symbol of the feminine, death and rebirth, understanding of death, reclaiming ones power, ability to know the dark, aggressiveness and power without solar influence, reclaiming Power." (Black Panther, Power Animal, Symbol of Astral Travel, Feminine Energy, Death and Rebirth By Ina Woolcott)

The High Priestess has to do with the subconscious, dreams, intuition, power, and the sheer membrane between realms. The High Priestess knows how to journey through these realms. 

Interesting about the feminine, and reclaiming power. I've been having some health issues lately and yesterday had to take care of some of these issues; on pain pills, which I do not like to take at all and rarely do, and meditating on the karmic cycle of these issues.

Zuni Fetish, panther. Image: Regan Lee

Woolcott also writes: Panthers are generally loners, extremely comfortable with themselves and are often drawn to other solitary people. … People with this power animal can develop clairaudience, the ability to hear communications from other forms of life or dimensions. They must trust their thoughts and inner voice/visions as they are based in reality. This is an animal guide to assist you on your path, sometimes in the form of a real person such a mentor or teacher. The Black Panther is endowed with great magic and power, which will increasingly be experienced.

I am definitely a solitary person or "loner" but not lonely. 

The following gave me goosebumps; remember I said as I walked closer to Panther and looked at her fur, I saw her skin rippling:
Panthers possess acute sensitivity. The hairs that cover their lithe bodies, especially on the face, pick up subtle vibrations. This is symbolic for those with this guide. It is an indication of a need to pay attention to their feelings and honour the messages those feelings transmit. (Woolcott)

I've been doing work with ancestors and animal guides, and have had the zuni fetish of a panther shown here on my altar for awhile now.

Another image that strikes me: the juxtaposition of the stark black and white in the RWS card, and the black of the panther against the white fence in my dream.