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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Unicorn Synchronicity and Exercise

I started a new kind of journal a few days ago. I'm not sure how I came to the idea; it was sudden inspiration. I have no doubt the angels helped with this one. But a simple daily list, which is an idea I abhor, seemed the thing to do. If I want to accomplish things, maybe this will help, was my thinking.

I decided to include whatever came to mind, no matter how silly, small, seemingly trivial -- or, huge and crazy and impractical. Just jot it down for the day. Try to keep it at ten items. At the end of the day, cross out what I had done, and begin anew the next day. The list changes; some things remain, while other items might go away for that day.

I realized something early this morning: that for every day, I have "exercise" on the list. And every day, exercise is something I did not do! Later this morning, my daily spirit card reading arrived in my email. The card was from Doreen Virtue's Unicorn oracle deck. Specifically, the exercise card!

Doreen Virtue Unicorn oracle deck

Later this morning, at work, I walk into the classroom to see, written on the board, a little story about unicorns the class had made up.

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