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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dog Visits Again

Messages are flowing these days, including through my dreams. 
Last night I had my recurring dreamscape of a combination indoor school-campus-dorm setting, but also a sort of shopping mall. Many stories; at least five, but small.

Inside, I'm on the third or fourth level,looking out over the railing to the people below. A woman that I don't know comes up to me, she is asking me so many questions about my tarot practice. I'm telling her all about it, and very excited to do so. Then my husband Jim comes along. This is our conversation, which I cross posted at my UFO blog The Orange Orb:

Me: "I had a dream you had just returned from a trip in an egg shaped UFO and you were telling me all about it."
Him (without missing a beat): "Yeah, I was scrambled from the trip."
Me (pretending I didn't hear that): "I was standing in my dreamscape of combined campus/dorm/mall, on the third or fourth level, talking about my tarot practice to a woman who was asking me all kinds of questions, and that's when you showed up, just back from your journey in the egg shaped UFO. You were very matter of fact about the whole thing."
Him (again, without missing a beat): "That's because I'm hard-boiled."

Ha. I then go outside, and here is the school part. Lots of students and adults roaming about. I see a few dogs that are clearly service dogs; they have the vests, etc. One is a seeing eye dog, and so on. But there are some that are pets, and the dogs are on school property. One dog, a large short haired brown dog, long and rangy, is rolling around but he's on top some people, pinning them down. He isn't particularly aggressive -- more like he thinks he's playing but he doesn't really get it -- still, rules are rules and no dogs allowed on school property. The owners of all these non-service dogs are very irresponsible. Some kids are clearly upset at the dogs and some of the dogs have ruined the
grass by rolling around. I stop and firmly tell a person about the no dogs rule. As I walk on (ignoring the indigent comments of the dog owner) I see one of my supervisor's down on the ground. She was one of the "victims" of the dog. Yet she is upset with me, for what she felt was my rude behavior to the dog owners. But I don't care; I'm doing what is right and I tell her so -- the students as well as the adult's safety is the important thing. And, anyway, that's the district rule, I have nothing to do with it.

So, Dog once again visits me in my dream. I still haven't figured out what the message with Dog is yet. Probably that's why he/she (usually I have the impression Dog is male) keeps visiting!

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