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Friday, March 24, 2017

Kind Words from Skylaire Alfvegren

I am very grateful for the following words and testimonial from a wonderful Fortean writer. (Google her!) Her name is Sklylaire Alfvegren. Many years ago, when I first entered the world of the weird, I came across Skylaire's writing. I was so damn impressed by her skill, her insights and her skewed perspectives and humor. And now, years later, I consider her a friend. We both tumble down that rabbit hole, encountering the strange as we fall.

As a native of Los Angeles who began orbiting “new age” and occult circles years before I could legally drink, I have come to know more than my fair share of psychics, mediums, astrologers, oracles and readers of runes, palms, tarot, and pretty much everything but the contents of the kitchen sink. The glut of “sensitives” hawking their “gifts” has kept me on my guard and somewhat skeptical although as the saying goes, “I want to believe.”  
In this age of 99-cent-a-minute happy horoscopes, many settle for the broad, candy floss generalizations. I can’t do that. I prefer the truth, even if it hurts, and it often does. I trust one astrologer - but I often leave somewhat crushed because he tells it like he sees it. I don’t want lip service but I also want to walk away from a reading with at least a shred of hope! 
During a time when I was more lost and confused than usual, I began reaching out to my various circles to find “the” tarot card reader… I wanted to have my cards read by someone truly gifted, someone capable of great depth as well as an elegant turn of phrase. After numerous recommendations, I reached out to Arianna at Orange Orb Tarot. She was kind and imaginative and in the first reading, saw all kinds of things I had no idea were coming. It was only in the following months that what she saw, actually materialized. My second reading was just as prescient. She referenced my past, the present and future possibilities and it really made my head spin! She was detailed and thoughtful and offered just the right-sized spoonful of sugar to accompany the unpleasant stuff. She touched on some of the same themes in both readings - all extremely relevant to me specifically. She is thoughtful, detailed and full of good magic. She gave me the best readings I have ever had, and I would recommend her to anyone seeking an in-depth, personal, expansive and truly helpful tarot card reading. 

Skylaire Alfvegren, Los Angeles

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