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Monday, December 15, 2014

Day Three: Tarot Card Essence

More Synchronicity
I mentioned in previous posts I’ve been experiencing a lot of synchronicities lately, and they’re continuing. I’ve been thinking very strongly of Emma Woods the past couple of days and intending to email her. Today I find that she had sent me two emails. (If you’re unfamiliar with Emma Woods, she was a client of Dr. David Jacobs, a UFO researcher who uses hypnosis to regress UFO witnesses and abductees. He has written several books on UFOs; specifically, alien abudctions.  Unfortunately, his tactics concerning Ms. Woods were reprehensible. Fortunately, her response to the unethical and surreal treatment has been stellar and brave.)

The Essence
Last night I decided to choose a glass to use just for this purpose. I got a pretty vintage cocktail glass that I had stored in my cupboard down from the top shelf, washed and cleansed it, and that is what I used last night. I also used the violet cloth I use for spreads with the Angel Tarot deck. I’ve been doing this little ritual close to bedtime, using filtered water and letting the glass sit for at least fifteen minutes -- last night it was about forty five minutes. 

Last Night’s Card: Queen of Water
From fire (previous two cards were (9 of Fire and 8 of Fire) to water. I am a Pisces with Cancer moon and Cancer/Leo rising. Still using Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot deck; when my whim shifts I’ll use another deck but for now, the Angel Tarot feels fine.

Water corresponds to CUPS: emotions, creativity, nurturing, relationships, intuition...

“Relationships develop to a new level. Trust your intuition. Care for yourself and others.”

Mom on a Motorcycle
I don't’ remember much about the dream last night, but the dream has a definite Water/Cups/Mother/Creative energy. I see connections between the dream elements and the card.

I’m in an airy kind of garage type place, with my husband. I think a few others are around. My husband and I are both artists in waking life. In the dream, we’re painting. I have a few large cans of paint set on the floor. I really like this paint. It’s a new kind, and very easy and smooth, very pleasant. it’s soothing.  Something about the texture -- so nice to stir with large wood paint sticks. But when I go to paint -- and I’m painting directly onto the ground, the asphalt -- I’m a little disappointed. The paint, when applied, doesn’t live up to expectations. When it was in the can, it was so nice. But I find I have to apply a few coats to get it to stick and cover properly. And the color is a bit washed out. So, I’m a bit bummed but not terribly so. I’m still enjoying being peaceful, painting.

Visitors, acrylic on masonite, Regan Lee
To my surprise, my brother drives up on a motorcycle, with our mother on the back! In waking live, the brother and I are estranged, and my mother, who is in her mid-eighties, is not doing at all well health wise. Her health is very poor. In the dream she’s using a walker, and yet, she is happily riding on the motorcycle! She is youthful and healthy and enjoying herself. My brother is also “better” --- very open and genuine.  No games, no lies, no disconnect. Such a weird funny surprise! My brother pulls into the garage on the motorcycle, mom hops off and immediately uses her walker. They both seem happy.

Since Water (Cups) corresponds to relationships, and considering the state of the relationships in this context, it seems this card is an encouraging message of hope, and, possibly, release.  The Queen, a court card, can be seen as both a part of myself, as well as my mother. 

A lot to digest here, and much more concerning these relationships than I choose to share. However, I felt a distinct pull and connection between the Queen of Water and last night’s dream. I haven’t worked through it all yet; much to think upon!

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